What is Green Hydrogen?

What is Green Hydrogen?


Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element on the planet; it is present in 75% of matter. However, we never find it alone, but in the company of other chemical elements such as oxygen forming water or carbon forming organic compounds. 

It has been utilised by humanity for a very long time as a fuel and a raw material in the chemical and metallurgical industries. However, because it cannot be obtained in its pure form straight from nature, humanity must “manufacture” it. Consequently, it is the method used to obtain hydrogen that determines whether that hydrogen is a clean, sustainable fuel or not. 

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is hydrogen that has been produced using exclusively renewable energies, making it a clean, sustainable fuel with a zero-pollution index that may be crucial both as an energy vector and as a raw material. Its great value to the fight against climate change comes from its ability to replace fossil fuels in industries that have historically been more challenging to decarbonise. 

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About RecHycle

RecHycle is an EU-funded project that investigates the use of green hydrogen and recycled metallurgical gases in steelmaking.

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