Benefits of Green Hydrogen

Benefits of Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen will be one of the key players in the upcoming energy transition to achieve carbon neutrality and combat climate change

Benefits of Green Hydrogen

It has many advantages, here are some: 

  • It is a clean energy: it only produces water as waste. 
  • It is a renewable energy: it uses natural resources that have not yet run out. 
  • It is storable: it can be compressed and kept for a very long time. 
  • It is transportable: it can be easily transported because it is a very light element.

Future of Green Hydrogen

There is a growing agreement that green hydrogen could be used in almost every industry that relies on fossil fuels today. To fulfil the Paris Agreement’s climate obligations and the zero-emission goals required by the climate emergency, it is crucial to promote it. A report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) claims that over time, the cost of installing hydrogen systems might drop by 40% to 80%. This means that green hydrogen could be economical starting in 2030, especially given the declining cost of renewable energy. 

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About RecHycle

RecHycle is an EU-funded project that investigates the use of green hydrogen and recycled metallurgical gases in steelmaking.

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