Joanneum Research Hosts RecHycle General Assembly in Graz

Joanneum Research Hosts RecHycle General Assembly in Graz

On Thursday, 22 September 2023, the RecHycle project hosted its General Assembly in the beautiful city of Graz, Austria. The event was organised by the dedicated team at Joanneum Research. It provided a vital avenue for partners to convene, share insights, and collaborate on advancing sustainable solutions for the steel industry. With an agenda packed with informative sessions and discussions, the General Assembly proved a resounding success. Let’s dive into the highlights of this gathering.

Updates on Preparation and Site Integration

The first sessions of the meeting focused on the engineering preparations for the new operation of the blast furnace with coal replacements. This discussion focused on assessing the suitability of new (green) gas streams and their impact on materials, as well as the process adaptation based on modelling.

Demonstrating the Transition to Climate Neutrality

For the afternoon session, ArcelorMittal Belgium took the stage to highlight the crucial aspects of achieving a successful transition towards climate neutrality. The role of crosscutting learnings and performance evaluations was emphasised, as these are key aspects to shape an exemplary blueprint for a net-zero steel industry.

In addition, Università Politecnica delle Marche spearheaded the session on Techno-Economic Assessment (TEA), Societal, Economic, and Environmental Assessments (SEA), and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which are vital evaluations for successfully implementing green innovations.

Wrapping Up with a Beautiful Sunny Day in Graz

After a long day full of insights, the RecHycle consortium took time to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. A big thanks to Joanneum Research for the organisation of this event.

About RecHycle

RecHycle is an EU-funded project that investigates the use of green hydrogen and recycled metallurgical gases in steelmaking.

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