RecHycle Project

Recycling hydrogen

for climate neutrality

RecHycle is an EU-funded project that investigates

the use of green hydrogen and recycled

metallurgical gases in steelmaking.


Replace coal in the steelmaking and make ArcelorMittal plants carbon-neutral by 2050.

Metallurgical gases are hydrogen-rich and produced onsite. They will be injected into the blast furnace to replace coke and pulverised coal. This will help minimise CO2 emissions and sustainably produce green steel.


Promote sustainable practices by using innovative technologies and renewable energy sources to reduce carbon footprint and increase the production of green steel.

RecHycle Key Facts

Project duration: 4 years

Coordinated by: ArcelorMittal Belgium

6 partners

6.2 million euro EU contribution

More than 4.6 million tonnes of steel are produced annually

Which generates 9.6 Mt CO2 per year.

35% CO2 Reduction

By 2030

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Project Coordinator

Material Analysis

CMC Tuyères Development & Testing

CMC Tuyères Development & Testing

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